Ank 8 – With Crew

Ank 8 – with crew

Description (Cabins Total8, CategoryEconomic, Air Condition8 hrs/day, Length28 mt)

Coban – With Crew

Coban – with crew

Description (Cabins Total8, CategoryEconomic, Air Condition6 hrs/day, Length29 mt)

Yas – With Crew

Yas – with crew

Description (Cabins Total8, CategorySimple, Air Condition8 hrs/day, Length25.50 mt)

Kurt 8 – With Crew

Kurt 8 – with crew

Description (Cabins Total8, CategorySimple, Air Condition9 hrs/day, Length32 mt)

Alca 8 – With Crew

Alca 8 – with crew

Description (Cabins Total8, CategorySimple, Air Condition10 hrs/day, Length35 mt)

Tkan 8 – With Crew

Tkan 8 – with crew

Description (Cabins Total8, CategorySemi-lux, Air Condition8 hrs/day, Length35 mt)

Code: Seve 1

Code: Seve 1

Description (Cabins Total8, CategoryEconomic, Air Condition8 hrs/day, Length27 mt)

Code: Kara 8

Code: Kara 8

Description (Cabins Total8, CategorySimple, Air Condition8 hrs/day, Length30 mt)

Code: Yasim

Code: Yasim

Description (Cabins Total8, CategoryEconomic, Air Condition4 hrs/day, Length27 mt)

Code: Mutesem

Code: Mutesem

Description (Cabins Total8, CategorySimple, Air Condition6 hrs/day, Length30 mt)

Code: Vesta

Code: Vesta

Description (Cabins Total8, CategorySemi-lux, Air Condition8 hrs/day, Length32 mt)

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